BA (Hons) coursesActing

Course outline

Study time

Your study is divided across taught hours, studio and/or work environment time, and independent study.

You will be able to access excellent professional and technical support and students are encouraged to experiment and work collaboratively on self-initiated projects.

We expect students to spend an average of 30 hours per week on their studies, although it is likely that these hours will vary throughout the academic year.

You can download the full Programme Specification here.

Year 1

BA (Hons) Acting Course Outline

Level 4 provides a foundation, allowing you to develop a methodological approach to psychophysical acting.

Your first year introduces you to the the tools and techniques that will be helpful in creating performances for realistic drama on stage and screen.

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Year 2

BA (Hons) Acting Course Outline

Level 5 involves more advanced work, concerned with aspects of dramatic structure and the implications of style for the actor.

In your second year, you will learn to see the audience as an integral factor in the creative process.

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Year 3

BA (Hons) Acting Course Outline

Level 6 encourages you to extend the scope and depth of your exploration of the acting process by providing you with a range of creative challenges.

In preparation for professional life, your work in this year of study will be focused on work-related study in theatre production.

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