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SoTL and the New and Improved-Different and Distinct Learning and Teaching

Conference – Published 8th Jun 15


This session considered the importance of SoTL and  its role in the development of new and different ways of learning and teaching.

Through the consideration of the unique and diverse work of UK National Teaching Fellows from across a range of disciplines, this session shared unique ideas, experiences, activities and projects that evidence how SoTL can inform, support and advance learning and teaching in higher education. The session offered ideas and examples of SoTL and pedagogic practice that colleagues could take inspiration from and adopt and adapt within their own learning and teaching work.

The session was aimed at HE lecturers, managers, Heads of Learning and Teaching, pedagogic scholars and researchers who have an interest in developing further their understanding of the process, role and activities of Teaching Fellowships, the HEA National Teaching Fellowship Scheme and National Teaching Fellows. The session was aimed at colleagues who are interested in becoming, or are, institutional fellows and those who may consider applying for national learning and teaching fellowships.

Supported by the Association of National Teaching Fellows.

presented at European Conference for the Scholarship of Learning and Teaching, 9 June 2015.

Co- presenters: Dr Kirsten Hardie, Arts University Bournemouth and Dr. Laura Ritchie, University of Chichester