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How can HE Teaching Fellowship Schemes inspire, support and celebrate Scholarship in Learning and Teaching?

Conference – Published 8th Jun 15

Co- presenters Dr Kirsten Hardie and Earle Abrahamson (UEL).


‘Teaching Fellowship schemes recognise the value of teaching and learning excellence and reward academics to continue their scholarly practices.’ […] they promote and shape the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL), develop communities and networks of practice, and influence teaching and learning pedagogies and policies (Gunn and Fisk, 2013).


Internationally a number of different and culture-specific higher education learning and teaching fellowship and award schemes exist. The value of these schemes is often judged by impact values, i.e. the unique contribution these schemes make towards advancing teaching and learning practices. The development of teaching and learning fellowship schemes requires the careful analysis of questions such as how can SoTL contribute to teaching excellence, and recognition thereof?


This question, together with multiple derivatives, forms the focus for the Multinational Teaching Fellows Group (an ISSOTL special interest group) comprising a community of teaching fellows from different disciplines and fellowship contexts.  Collectively, we explore and compare our developing work as SoTL scholars, focusing not only on conflicts that arise as a result of trans and inter-disciplinary research, but also on configurations in terms of balance, identity, and our individual and collective identities while moving teaching fellowship forward within our institutions, communities and nationally. 


This session considers ‘How can HE Teaching Fellowship Schemes inspire, support and celebrate Scholarship in Learning and Teaching?’ It draws upon a variety of perspectives, including the views of teaching fellows and key research findings regarding fellowship schemes, (Gunn and Fisk, 2013; Rickinson, Spencer, and Stainton, 2012; Frame, Johnson and Rosie, 2006). It aims to evoke discussions that may inform and inspire colleagues’ further engagement with the Multinational Teaching Fellows Group and importantly it aims to offer opportunities for collaborative SoTL developments.

Presented at University of Cork, EuroSoTL conference, 8 June 2015.