Umesh Pandya has been working as a designer for over 17 years and is passionate about helping organisations make inclusive digital products.

His current focus is on using the internet of things, to make our cites inclusive to all. He believes that “As we weave computers into the fabric of our environment and being, we should aspire to create inclusive, trustworthy and delightful products that dissolve effortlessly into our everyday life”.

He is Co-Founder and CEO at Wayfindr, a pioneering tech for good backed not-for-profit who’s mission it is to empower millions of vision impaired people to navigate the world independently.

Wayfindr publishes a free to use, Open Standard, that guides venue owners in using indoor navigation services to improve the wayfinding experience for all their customers, including vision impaired people. Previous to this role, Umesh was a senior member of staff at ustwo’s London studio. Alongside leading client projects in the FinTech sector, he founded the Invent Time programme at ustwo, that focused on using current and emerging technologies for good.