After a decade of product design consultancy with therefore ltd in London, Jim co-invented GravityLight: a viable alternative to kerosene lighting for the 1.3 billion people living o -grid, in low-income households.

GravityLight is a portable home generator, powered by the lift of a weight.

Jim now leads R&D as Technical Director of a social venture comprised of The GravityLight Foundation and Deciwatt Ltd. The venture seeks to deliver elegant, viable and innovative energy solutions to low income households, via direct support to the Foundation, and through revenues generated in ‘on-grid’ markets.

With support from a second successful crowdfunding campaign, The GravityLight Foundation will be assembling and launching GravityLight in Kenya this summer.

Jim was named as one of Foreign Policy Magazine’s 100 Leading Global Thinkers in 2013, and presented at TedX Warwick in 2014.

Click here to view GravityLights website.