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Gemma Stevens

Gemma Stevens


Twitter  |  @inspiredAUB
AUB Highlighted in Tech Nation Report

AUB's significant involvement with industry is celebrated in the latest Tech Nation report for 2018. The in-depth report,...

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Student Work: Lucy Ilsey

Lucy Ilsey. My project was inspired by anxiety, a big topic at the moment. A lot of people are talking about mental health and I wanted to create textiles that distract people away from their worries. I used techniques like UV printing and laser...

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Student Work: Lilli Rochford-Smith

Lilli Rochford-Smith. The concept behind my work is walking in the landscape and it’s based on the Scottish Highlands. In 2012 I qualified to be a life coach and from that I learnt a lot about anchoring and how to change your state of mind and...

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Student Work: Hugo Chizlett

Hugo Chizlett. My work was designed for luxury yachts, the high-end market. So, very luxurious, very expensive materials like mahoganies and leathers, using all sorts of techniques and as many materials as possible to really explore what’s...

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