Diploma in Art and Design – Foundation Studies (Graphic Design)

Winner: Head of School’s Award

“My final major project is about synesthesia, as I have grapheme-colour synesthesia myself.

I wanted to do my own research and also spread awareness about the condition, as many people have it and don’t realise. It’s something many of us have as children, but as we grow up the senses separate. Mine didn’t, however.

With my synesthesia, I transcribe days of the week into colours in my mind.

My work is a graphic design for an installation at the Whitechapel Gallery – all imagined of course. It comes with a booklet and branding explaining this and it’s all created on recycled paper. So, the project has an eco-friendly message too.

My time at AUB has been so busy, I haven’t stopped since day one! But I’ve absolutely loved it.

I’ve learnt so much because I kept trying to push myself outside my comfort zone. I’ve also made lots of new friends too. There are so many creative people here who are all really inspiring.”