By Hayley Pither – Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

At the start of stage two in my Foundation Pathway, I was given the theme of Interdependence, meaning that I had to create a set that would have two factors that would rely and benefit of each other. The first set that I designed was for the theatre, so I decided to challenge myself and create a set for television.

Initially, I wanted to create a chat show set, as I am fond of watching these at home. However, I found the relationship with interdependence and a chat show was too weak. So I then decided that I should rather design a game show.

My research began with a focus group full of individuals from the target market. They said that the game show host should have a good relationship with the audience and the contestants and should be behind a desk. However, I asked whether a desk would appear like a formal interview, which triggered the idea of a host being a bartender.