Post by Bethany Lord, third year BA (Hons) Illustration 

For my ‘Pre Major Project’, I wanted to create illustrations about fashion, style, contemporary trends and brands. Fashion plays a huge part in western civilisation and we as people identity others and ourselves through clothing.

Illustration plays a part in the fashion industry and I wanted to investigate the difference between being your own brand and wearing a brand.

I wanted to explore how the drawn image changes the way we view clothes. I want to show through illustrations how different people dress and how this can be perceived in different ways.

I wanted to explore different ways of bringing objects away from the person, looking at a range of people and exploring what they wear on a daily basis, as well as what we wish we wore. I wanted to explore how clothing is and should be worn differently and how this creates an identity.

I tried to show this in a way that is more than pictures on a page and explore how illustration can change the way we view clothes, more than just brands trying to sell them to us. I achieved this through a mixture of mediums from digital illustrations on Procreate to hand-drawn illustrations.

After experimental work, this project went on to look at fashion objects within a narrative. I experimented with putting objects within a crime scene and amongst objects that may be found during a crime. The theme of the board game Cluedo came about as I started to hide the Cluedo weapons within images.