Post by Anuja Khandelwal, MA Graphic Design student. 

Our very first brief was based on design intervention. We were asked to choose a familiar object and to define the frame or scenario to which it belonged. Having defined this, we had to find an elegant or witty way to disrupt the scenario so that it does not function anymore.

Inspiration can be found anywhere, at any time and in anything. So, I set myself to think and observe the objects that I use in my everyday life. One fine morning, I stumbled upon the idea of a comb, used to detangle one’s hair. But what if the comb is itself tangled?

I further contemplated how this idea relates to the people who give serious life advice to others, even though they are themselves caught up with their own deeper dilemmas of life and hence might not be the best people to advise you.

It also reflects the notion of ‘the blind leading the blind’ which is quite relevant to the current worldwide political scenario. On a lighter note, it can be advertised as a comb for the bald to provide them with the joy of combing.