Post by Bethany Lord, third year BA (Hons) Illustration 

For my final major project, I have been looking at the concept of ‘looking down’ and ‘a birds-eye view’. I wanted to look at different locations and places as well as things, patterns and textures.

Everything is viewed differently when you look down on it and I wanted to explore and create illustrations around this. Things can be viewed in a different way. I wanted to explore how things like people and objects can engage with these locations and how they change a location.

I also wanted to explore and experiment with colours and how this can show different things such as seasons, moods, places and time of day. I wanted to be able to relate this to current trends, and what I am interested in so I can develop my previous specialist practice further.

I have taken photos for my primary research in places such as Kew and drawn from these as well as reference material online. I have used Procreate on my iPad to create these images after sketching them in pencil to create digitally colourful pieces that I think are really successful. These images will finally develop into a colourful children’s book, looking at the theme ‘water’.