BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduates have been talking to AUB after their London Summer Shows. Here Lewis Hales discusses his work

Can you tell me about your show?

My work is about counselling and how to visualise it from a conceptual point of view. Counselling can be a very word formatted thing, and this is more a design for creatives, bringing counselling into more of a 3D form where you can interact with it and have something that is memorable enough to take it back with you. You get given one of these statements and you can fill them in as you go along, and once you fill it in you complete your positivity, giving you a chance to see it visually and take it home and actually remember it. At first we had a pebble structure and then moved into different things like an egg you break out. It’s 3D printed and has a statement in the middle, it was like a Kinder egg.