By Hayley Pither – Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

One of my first week studying the foundation course, I was working in an art workshops where I researched the artist Melissa McCarthy, who has synesthesia, meaning that she visualizes sound. McCarthy creates beautiful oil paintings of songs that she listens too. I’m inspired by her work due to the expression and movement of the colours, that often create abstract settings. In the workshop, we were asked to play on the word ‘chance,’ and create are from anything. Therefore, after being inspired by her work, I decided to create paintings from random songs chosen for by random people. I firstly painting the song ‘Good bye T Jane,’ by Slade, and created a mix media piece, with acrylic paint and drawing inks. I found that this is the most interesting piece because many people could see different settings within the paintings, such as a field, tree or a rock concert. I then listened to the song ‘Bits and Pieces,’ by the Dave Clark Five, and created a piece that show the fast rhythm and tempo of the music and the wide range of instruments used by the artists.