Friday 22nd April, 2016, 18:30 – 22:30, Scaplen’s Court, Sarum Street, Poole. 

Citrus and Trend unveiled ‘The Velveteen Banquet’ at Scaplen’s Court in Poole. 40 guests experienced an intimate, experiential feast that was inspired by the themes and ethos of the literary classic – ‘The Velveteen Rabbit’. The night was an evening of dining and lyrical performance, in aid and support of “Rethink Mental Illness”

How did The Velveteen Banquet come about?

“The Velveteen Banquet came out of the notion for the increased trend rise of immersive and experiential dining event experiences that largely occur in London. We wanted to bring this experience down to Dorset.

“During the event design process we felt deeply passionate about mental health, specifically: “that it affects 1 in 4 people in England”. We went on to form a strong partnership with Rethink Mental Health.

“The banquet drew out of the desire to create a creatively challenging culinary event that raised awareness and recognition for Rethink Mental Illness. We sourced ‘The Tickled Pig’, whose ethos matched our own – to use the very best of local, sustainable produce to create a feast that engaged, connected and inspired our guests.”

How do you feel the event went?

“As a team we felt the banquet exceeded our own expectations. The event ran smoothly – due to our extensive pre-planning and strong teamwork. The lyrical performances were captivating, and emotionally intriguing, the food was delightful and the overall atmosphere on the night was electric. We were completely ecstatic with the event overall and proud of all our partners who helped to create such a fantastic event”.

What is the legacy of the event?

“A strong legacy held from all guests who attended on the evening and partners to the project who now associate ‘Citrus & Trend’ with creative banquet experiences that are in support of great causes”.

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Audience Feedback

– “A thought provoking evening that challenged the absent creative urges of a boring accountant”.

– “A magical evening. Beautiful decorations, enchanting entertainment and delicious food. Thank You”.

– “Thank you all for a truly wonderful evening. The venue is really interesting, the performers thought provoking, and the food has been exquisite. You’ve obviously put a lot of hard work into this – and I reckon you’ve nailed it!”