Saturday 18th April 2015, Scaplen’s Court Sarum Street, Poole, BH15 1JW

Open Book Events

According to Research from the Institute of Education, “reading for pleasure is more important for children’s cognitive development than their parents’ level of education”.

Our mission was simple: Let’s get kids excited about reading! In the words of the Bard ‘Lend us your ears!’ Let us reassure you, we had no intention of being anti-technology activists; we ourselves are subject to the enormous advances technology has brought, and we would never dispute the positives that adhere to this change; Rather our aim was to re-ignite an interest in reading, be it on a computer, a book, a smartphone… however, whenever, we wanted to make recreational reading appealing to children, and not just part of the curriculum.

How about some facts? Multiple studies have shown that children that read for pleasure benefit enormously in the future. Not only does their understanding throughout education improve, but also it is proven that children who read for pleasure take away key skills such as: problem solving, sympathy and public speaking, into successful careers post education.

Who were we? Open Book Events was made up of 6 individuals passionate about the importance of stories, and storytelling, based on our own experiences as children. We wanted to inspire generations present and future. Focusing on engaging younger generations in reading and storytelling. We wanted to re-kindle that once prevalent love for storytelling.

Imagine That! An interactive theatre experience that transported you into a fantasy wonderland where stories come to life.

This unique theatre experience put families inside the story… with a live show, workshop, and story corner – it was a day of fun for all! Engaging with famous storybook characters, and scenes that got your imagination running wild.