Sunday 24th April 2016, 12:00 – 21:00, Upton Country Park, Poole.

The Folkish Festival was a one-day event that boasted nine locally and nationally known folk(ish) music acts in nine hours. The acts included Rusty Shackle, Tankus The Henge, CC Smugglers, Casual Attire, Ben Cipolla and James King and Threepenny Bit as well as local artists, Chiani Ribeiro and Harpin’ On.

The festival was organised by Jamie Lillycrop, Alex Budd, Hattie Ford, Flora Kinch-Waugh, May Nguyen and Steph Ballett as part of their final major project. It included music, a real ale and cider bar, street food, crafts and children’s activities throughout the day.

How did The Folkish Festival come about?

“The idea of the festival came about as we (the team) always knew we wanted to organise a festival style event for our final major project. After sharing our expertise and looking at the demographics of the area, we decided a folk festival would be the best type of event to organise. From here the idea grew and eventually formed the final project.”

How do you feel the event went?

“I am incredibly proud of how the event turned out. Whilst we didn’t quite reach the target attendance figures, the feedback we received was better than any of us could have hoped for. The music was excellent and we were only ever ten minutes behind schedule, the food was delicious, drinks flowed all day and the sun shone. What more could we have asked for? The legacy of the event is that we proved to many people that students can run an event of a very professional standard with a few resources and a limited budget.”

What is the legacy of the event?

 “Whilst I am not sure if we will run the event again in 2017, we managed to overcome every issue thrown at us during the devising process and for that, I am very proud.”

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Audience Feedback

“Was truly a wonderful experience both as a volunteer and a spectator!”

Well Done to the students who put together and organised a fab day…everything so well planned. Music was great, food fattening (the best food always is!) and we were welcomed by happy faces. We had a really great day…wish they could make it an annual event . Thanks guys.”

@folkishfest thank you for a day of fantastic music yesterday! Hope you all had a good rest today.”

Thanks @folkishfest It was a real pleasure to play for you guys :)” – Threepenny Bit