Graham Bizley, Prewett Bizley Architects

Prewett Bizley Architects are an award winning practice based in east London and Somerset. Through our built work we are establishing a reputation for innovative, low energy buildings that people enjoy using. In 2010 we won the Architectural Practice of the Year Award in the Builder & Engineer Awards and in 2009 were finalists for the Young Architect of the Year Award.

Through a creative dialogue with our clients we seek to create sensuous, stimulating architecture fitted to the people who will use it. Our approach focuses on the atmosphere of places, engaging with the feelings and emotions people experience in the built environment. We try to observe the nature of places to understand their qualities, patterns and nuances in order to propose interventions that might heal or provide continuity with the existing context. We are committed to reducing the impact of construction on the environment and are constantly researching ways to improve the performance of our buildings. Through a series of exemplary projects we have developed an understanding of the technologies and high quality site work necessary to achieve truly low-carbon buildings. We are founder members of the Passivhaus Trust and are currently building a new house to Passivhaus standard in Somerset. Our architectural work is rooted in the wider activities of teaching, writing and research which allow us to combine thought and technical innovation.

Friday 1st November 2013