Tashita studies MA Graphic Design and tells us about her work and studying at AUB.

“I’m from New Delhi, India. I had done my BA in Communication Design, and wasn’t particularly happy with how it was taught. I had a friend in the UK, who said if I wanted to study design I should come here.

“I was looking for courses in the UK and came to know about AUB. I was researching, and met with an agent, and AUB was one of the recommended universities.

“It’s been really great. Everyone is so open-minded about a lot of things. I don’t have to restrict myself, if I want to convey a message or come up with new ideas.

“I’m doing my final project now, based on Visceral Emotions. We take a topic, and it’s cut down to two parts, Masters One and Masters Two. Right now I’m doing my Masters Two project. It touches on the topics of functionality and aesthetics.

“At the moment, I’m looking at typography, as I hadn’t done much of it before. It’s something new, so I’m learning a lot. With this project, there’s a lot of hands-on work and I’m making a lot of things, which is also something I haven’t really done before.

“The MA Graphic Design is pretty cool, it’s really nice. I’d definitely recommend it, and the Course Leader, Phil, is amazing.

“I’d like to get a job here, I hope for the best, but otherwise I’ll go back to India and look for a design job there.”