Abdul studies MA Architecture at AUB. He tells us more about his experience of studying on campus.

“I’m from Qatar and studied for my BA in the USA. When I had finished, I looked at different art schools, I heard about AUB from a few friends at home. They said that the location was really nice, and to look at the curriculum and facilities.

I like the small scale of AUB. Everything is really close. In my first year we collaborated a but with BA Dance and Textiles. I’d be more inclined to go towards art schools than other universities.

I love the campus and the facilities. The students are very friendly too. I like the diversity of nationalities. There’s people from Iran, Kuwait, Vietnam. It’s a very mixed course.

The tutors are very helpful. You have one tutorial a week. The course pushes your professionalism and builds on the knowledge that you gain on the BA.

Of course, there’s the history side of it too. It’s really informative, we’ve been introduced to Greek History and mythology.

In terms of being from the Middle East, and the conflict there, it’s nice being in the UK in a mixed cultural society and you get to see a different perspective.

I’m working on designing an exhibition. I’m trying to push this whole idea of crisis and rubble, and reading a lot of books about imaginary cities and architecture and war.

You can take a look at some of Abdul’s work below.