BA (Hons) Fashion alumna Twinks Burnett is a Fashion Stylist, Creative Director and Accessories Designer.

After graduating in 2014, she went on to win the ‘Fashion Styling and Creative Direction’ award at Graduate Fashion Week.

Her work has featured in the likes of Noctis, Atlas, Wonderland and i-D Online.

What’s the trick to being a great stylist?

Having a strong aesthetic style. It’s all about being able to see the bigger picture visually. Having a deep love of fashion, art and imagery is always helpful, too! I am a very conceptually driven stylist. I live and breathe what I do and I feel at my very best when working on stimulating and exciting projects.

Your personality and style are very much alike. Is that a conscious choice, or do you just respond to your work?

I choose to surround myself with gorgeously bright and colourful things and positively gorgeous humans. My daily look comprises of bold prints and vivid colours, so my personal style and work go hand in hand! Think of the joyous chain reactions that are activated when out and about wearing something friendly! Oh the possibilities. Wearing colour and getting my cartoon chic on brings me so much joy!

Looking back on your time at AUB, what did you make of it all?

It was a wonderful time! University gives you the time to practice, experiment and expand your skills, while developing your network and forming creative alliances. I still work professionally with many of my peers. It was an honour to create imagery with my friends.

What would be your one piece of advice?

Wear more colour! It will make you happy, I promise! Take what you do seriously, but never yourself. Love what you do and yourself and the rest will fall into place! Often self-love is the hardest, if you can get that on lock down you will have a charmed life!

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