Students from the Fashion, Costume, Textiles and Illustration Foundation course pathways have exhibited work they had to post to their tutors.

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They were required to make and send a piece of work through the post from wherever they spent their Christmas holidays. The work had to carry a message of some kind – a statement, comment, secret, or response to their surroundings. How they choose to communicate this message was entirely up to them.

Becky Knott, whose work shows a series of hands made from maps and and inky fingerprints, tells us about her work: “Christmas is the only time I really see all my family as we all live quite far apart. The idea of the hands linking together represents the distance, but also the connection between us all. Next year I am hoping to go and study Textile Design, and mixed media – this project has helped me decide on that.”

Claudia Moll tells us about her Illustrations: “I was looking at how drawing can translate the feelings of an outfit – the colours and the mood. I want to go on to create fashion Sportswear – for a company like Nike. When I started looking at fashion on this course , it just clicked that this is what I want to do.”

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