BA (Hons) Textiles student Jemma Pratt spoke to us about her six-week internship at Peter Pilitto.

“I specialise in digital stitch, print and laser cutting, where I combine these methods together to produce samples relevant for fashion fabrics. I use high-end designers such as: Marni, Prada, Celine and Missioni as a source of inspiration for my work. I enjoy using a variety of fabrics, to create different surface qualities. I work with vibrant colour palettes, and vary the size, scale and composition of my designs on the body.

I completed an internship at Peter Pilotto this summer for 6 weeks. I was based in the fashion department and had a lot of involvement with their Pre-fall 16 collection. I was selected to work with production team and the technical pattern cutters where we needed to work as a team to put together spec sheets using excel, this was one process they used throughout the development of the collection. Knowledge of their fabrics, bindings, interfacings, trims, zips and additional items was essential.

Daily tasks included:

– arranging the archive
– pattern cutting
– organising patterns printed on the plotter machine
– photographing the construction of how each design/garment is made
– cutting digital fabrics for the new collection
– preparing and packaging fabric for the warehouse

There was arrangement for me to go back in September to help with the lead up and show for London fashion week, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend the dates. However,  I would like to go back in the summer to gain further experiences. I really enjoyed my time working at Peter Pilotto. Although it wasn’t specifically in the Textile department, working in the fashion production department at this time was more beneficial. I got an insight on how the collections are made and I was trusted with some big responsibilities.

I really enjoy the BA (Hons) Textiles degree at AUB. There are a lot of facilities I have been able to use and experiment with when producing my work. Weekly tutorials are arranged which is a good opportunity to reflect on the development of my work and seek other opinions in order to progress.”