Textiles Graduate designs stroller for Mamas and Papas

2014 BA (Hons) Textiles graduate Sophia Chan has been selected as the winner of the Mamas and Papas ‘Style a Stroller‘ project. Her design will now be sold in store.

We caught up with Sophia…

How did you find your time on the Textiles course?

I loved it. Yes, third year was challenging and made you want to eat your body weight in chocolate (as everyone finds!) but it teaches you a lot, you just need to persevere. I never really knew what direction to go. I knew 100% I was a creative, but it wasn’t until I saw the Textiles Open Day that I knew I wanted to pursue a path in it. The course really allowed me to explore the subject with innovation, but also kept you focussed on finding yourself or your style. The tutors play a big part in it, so I have to thank them as well, they really pull you out of sticky situations, even if it doesn’t feel like it at the time! I miss it already and it’s only been 4 months!

Tell me more about your winning design…

My aim was to create something that would interest children, and give a sophisticated feel for adults to walk around with comfortably. I didn’t want to design something so far afield that you couldn’t tell it was designed by me, as the whole point was to win a competition with your own design! Obviously I was conscious of Mamas and Papas interests too, but that comes with market research. I focussed on Kingfishers, as they provide a lot of visual… food! What I mean by that is – colour, movement, shape.. the list could go on, and naturally, these things work well when designing for a child’s product as it would keep their eyes occupied!

What will it feel like to see your design in production?

It’s all happened so fast that I can’t even picture that yet! I will be going up to Mamas & Papas HQ very soon where we will be discussing more details, but I can imagine it’s going to be exciting! I would love to go and see it all being printed and made.

What would be your ‘One Piece of advice’ to anyone wanting to achieve what you have?

Keep looking forward, whilst appreciating everything that comes your way… and to believe in yourself (cheesy) but I have had so many people tell me this, and it’s opportunities like this that really make you do it! Also… enter competitions!