Summer Courses, Interior Architecture Students have exhibited their work in The Library.

The students, who are studying Interior Architecture at Pearl Academy in Delhi, have spent the past three weeks working on their project ‘5 Senses of Place’.

The exhibition is a culmination of all the students have done with their time in England, where they were aiming to ‘Capture the essence of Englishness’.

Karishma Batra tells us about her time “All our work was revolving around how we felt coming here, the environment and the ‘Englishness’. On the first day we did work on our ‘preconceptions’ and then our actual feelings on being here. We’ve been to workshops such as 3D printing, which is something we’ve done for the very first time. We learnt how to 3D print objects, and we had one class on how to make models. We also had a Textiles class. We want to present ‘Englishness’ in the 5 senses, so what we saw, what we heard, how we felt etc.”