A group of students from Arts University Bournemouth (AUB) made it to the national finals of the Young Enterprise Graduate Start-Up Scheme in May, following their university’s first venture into the renowned scheme which has been running for over 50 years.

The Egg Den, comprising of Tari Eguruze, Josh Sherwell, Louis Vinet, Jenny Gomes and Esra Abdelrahman was one of the top ten companies represented by eight universities at the Awards Ceremony held at Canary Wharf. The Egg Den is an art & design enterprise providing services in the field of events management, architecture, illustration and graphic design. The students, from Architecture and Illustration have been working together since December 2012 when the company was first formed as part of AUB’s participation in the Young Enterprise scheme for universities, Start-Up.

AUB students formed five companies covering subjects such as upcycling, theatre performances and selling artworks online. Students from Acting, Fine Art, Textiles and Interior Architecture and Design also took part, working with their industry mentors to set up and run a business from scratch.

The Start-Up Awards provide an opportunity for university students to demonstrate their progress to a panel of professional judges before all the companies are asked to liquidate at the end of July in order to learn about the complete life cycle of a business.

AUB students gained a great deal from their participation in the scheme, learning invaluable skills such as setting up a business bank account and learning how to fulfil company roles in a simulation of a real life experience.

Third year Architecture student Tari Eguruze commented “We’re very grateful for this opportunity. We’ve learnt a great deal about business and professional practice beyond university. We now plan on continuing what we’ve started, building on what we’ve already achieved.”

AUB Young Enterprise representative Hannah Cook commented “The Egg Den’s stand looked good, their product / service stood out as being original and they presented well.”

Kavita Hayton Head of the School of Media who led the scheme for AUB commented “We’re really proud of The Egg Den team, they’ve only been going for 5 months and to make it to the Awards Final is a great achievement. This year the national Start Up scheme featured 366 companies made up of 2100 students, so to be in the top ten is brilliant.’

For more details on The Egg Den, please visit The Egg Den on Facebook and http://wordsandpicturesexhibit.tumblr.com/