Jerry Whitton attended the ‘Digital Film Making – A Technical Introduction’ short course at AUB and it has opened up some fantastic opportunities for him. He tells us more.

“I left the BBC 22 years ago after six years working in post-production although my ambition was always to work as a camera operator. Whilst at the BBC I attended many interviews and attachments with cameras but was never successful in getting the job. There were only four TV channels at this time and competition was very fierce. In my final year I reached the last seven from 7,000 applicants and although classed as ‘also suitable’ there were no vacancies. I left the BBC in 1993 to take up a teaching position in Dorset. I have now been teaching for 22 years.

The desire to become a camera operator has never left me, so last year I decided to give it another go, I think it may be called having a mid life crisis!.

I enrolled on the ‘Digital Film Making – A Technical Introduction’ Short Course at AUB and this has provided an excellent ‘springboard’ for me. The course was very comprehensive and very well delivered by Lindsay Moore and gave me the confidence to give my ambitions another go.

Since completing the course, and adding it on my CV, I have been regularly ‘shadowing’ for many Outside Broadcasts including BBC, BT Sport and ITV as a camera assistant. I was also contracted to work as a camera assistant during the recent Rugby World Cup.

The course gave me the confidence and step in the right direction and showed the TV companies that I was serious in my endeavours to get back into the world of television. I now have media accreditation with the Premier League.

I am now taking the short course ‘An Introduction to Model Making’, which again is excellent and is providing a great benefit to me in my role as ‘Design and Technology’ teacher. I cannot rate the course highly enough, superbly delivered by tutor Sarah Fisher, it really is an excellent introduction and allows you to develop your own interests and skills.

The courses have and still are, proving invaluable in my current career and possible future one. I would like to thank the AUB Short Course team for these excellent courses.

Certainly, for a mid-life crisis it’s a much cheaper option than buying a sports car!”

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