The Sea, a production by Carnival of Objects is showing at The Shelley Theatre on the 24th and 25th June starring Jonny Hoskins, Senior Lecturer BA (Hons) Acting.

The Sea is a haunting yarn set in the wilds of the Western Isles. Beautiful music, grotesque puppetry, mask theatre, poetic verse and evocative soundscapes interact to create an eerie lament of love, brutality and loss.

A lone islander who speaks to the waves, the unearthly melodies of seal folk, the rum riddled ruthlessness of ‘Tam the Teeth’, and an old, barnacled, singing whale are some of the strange imaginings that roam amidst mists, sea caves and cruel storms in this dark and atmospheric coastal tale.

Jonny Hoskins speaking about the production said:It is going to be quite something, with four actors and two live musicians, a beautiful and evocative script. There are puppets, masks and much, much more!”

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