BA (Hons) Animation Production 2012 alumni Haakon Ziegler and Michal Golec are gathering support on Kickstarter for the first episode of Sci-fi comedy ‘Sam Sweetmilk’.

Written and directed by Jason Lee Weight, with Ziegler and Golec working as lead animator and background and layout artist, respectively, the pilot episode has already received critical acclaim from Natasha Allegri, storyboarder for Adventure Time.

A Kickstarter project has been created to fund a follow-up episode, raising over $11,000 in the first ten days, with a further $22,000 to go before it is fully-funded. The team hope to take the finished first episode to pitch to TV networks for a full series.

Rewards for pledging support for the project range from a digital download of the finished episode all the way to appearing in the episode itself.