BA (Hons) Make-up for Media and Performance was delighted to welcome industry professionals Sarah Grundy, Brian Kinney, and Maddie Austin to AUB this week in order to interview third year students as part of their Professional Identity projects.

Sarah’s career has spanned four decades and in TV and her recent work has included the TV series Episodes, Apple Tree Yard and Stan Lee’s Lucky Man. She said “the presentations were extremely professional in their execution, displaying the thoroughly taught skills included on this excellent course. The students were enthusiastic, ambitious, and proud of their time here at the AUB.”

Brian has worked across TV and film and his many credits include CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, The Hunger Games, Criminal Minds and the hugely popular TV series Westworld.

Maddie Austin is a successful fashion make-up artist. She said “I was blown away by the standard of work today and the sheer dedication and drive of the students. The students have shown so many different skills and incorporated them into all of their projects.”

We asked the third year students how they felt about the interviews, and some of their responses are below:

“The panel consisted of people who have worked on programmes and films that we all know and love, such as The Walking Dead, Incidious and True Blood! The feedback was very helpful, the interview went really well, and it made me more confident to approach and contact people in the industry for jobs after I graduate university.”

“I found the experience really enjoyable – not only has it built my confidence and prepared me for interviews in the future, but it has also given me direction on where to go next with my work. What an opportunity!”

“I was quite nervous preparing and going in to the interview, but the panel were lovely and made me feel comfortable, which was great. It was a great opportunity to get feedback from industry professionals as I will be applying for industry based jobs very soon, and it gave me a realistic idea of what the interview process will be like.”

Overall it is clear that this event has given the students a really good idea about what going to interviews in industry will be like. Its success is summarised by another student when she says “it was great to actually practice talking in front of people…it made me feel more confident in my abilities as an artist.”