Make Architects were founded in 2004 by Ken Shuttleworth and are an award winning international architecture firm that has four studios in three different continents across the world. Make pride themselves on creating exciting architecture that carefully considers context, the client’s needs, the environment and the people within it.

During the summer I was fortunate enough to complete a nine-week placement at Make’s London Studio, where I worked alongside a selection of great architects, learning about what it’s like to work in practice. Each week I was able sit in, and give input, to design team meetings alongside planners, members of the London Borough Council and members of the GLA. I was also fortunate enough to visit many project sites at various stages of completion. Make was an excellent company to intern with as I was not only made to feel very welcome and integral to the design team, but I also learnt a great deal about practice in the world of architecture.

Work placement was a fantastic experience and I strongly recommend it to students of all disciplines as it gives great insight into work outside the university, as well as aiding in more informed and developed work whilst still at university.

Damian Wright, Level 6, BA(Hons)Architecture

Damian was also shortlisted for the 2015 RIBA Norman Foster travelling Scholarship.