Part of the Zaha Hadid exhibition lecture series. 

On Friday 16th February, Journalist and Critic Paul Finch, FRIBA, Executive Editor, E-map/Architectural Review and WAF, hosted Architecture Now: an A to Z(aha).


Paul Finch has been around! As a ‘hack’ he is the archetypal big hitter, a refined slugger, a Zaha Hadid of the critics. At present he is editorial director of the Architectural Review and Architects’ Journal, and programme director of the World Architecture Festival. He has been heavily involved with the architectural world for forty years with major roles at CABE & Design Council.

Paul has been awarded a FRIBA and an OBE for services to architecture. He knows people in all sorts of places, across the political, and aesthetic, divides indeed could be described as an anti-establishment establishment figure. His spats are infamous, and he can speak, from both the head and the heart with rhythmic and bruising verbal combinations.

Born London in 1949 he took a history degree at Selwyn College, Cambridge, before going into journalism. He was deputy editor of Estates Times (now Property Week), 1976-1983; editor of Building Design, 1983-94; editor of the Architects’ Journal, 1994-1999, and editor of The Architectural Review, 2005-2009. He was a commissioner and deputy chair at the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment, 1999-2005, and chair, 2009-2011.

He chaired Cabe’s Olympic Design Review panel from 2006-2012. He has been joint editor of Planning in London since 1992. He received an honorary FRIBA in 1994; an honorary doctorate from the University of Westminster, 2004; and an honorary fellowship from University College London, 2006.

He is an honorary fellow of the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland; an honorary member of the Royal Society of Architects in Wales; and an honorary member of the British Council for Offices. He was awarded an OBE for services to architecture in 2002.

related events

15th February 2018 at 5pm
Panel (book on AUB Store)
AUB Gallery Opening: ZHA, Evolution

16th February – 18th April 2018
ZHA – Evolution: Exhibition in TheGallery

23rd February 2018
Daniel Bosia, Director from AKT Engineers
Engineering on the Curve, from ZHA to the Drawing Studio.

2nd March 2018
Dr Nerma Cridge – Restless: Drawn by Zaha Hadid
Architect & Academic
Zaha Hadid and the drawings and utopia dreams of Malevich and the Russian Suprematists.

7 – 8th March 2018 at 3pm & 10.30am
Visiting Professor Peter Cook – ‘Pandora’s Box’

9th March
Helene Binet, Architectural Photographer (TBC)
Discussing the art of taking and making her remarkable photographs such as those of the ZHA Cincinnati Gallery.

16th March 2018
Jim Heverin, Director, ZHA
Director and Architect responsible for ZHA UK projects (Aquatic Centre, FRG Stadium, Evelyn Grace School, Bournemouth Master Planning)

23rd March 2018
Owen Hatherley:  ZH & the Modern
Journalist Critic. Owen argues that Hadid will be remembered as an absurdly fearless, and impolite talent, when architecture had become terrified of modernity.

11 & 18th April 2018
ZHA-AUB-MA Movement Research Symposium in TheGallery/Drawing Studio
With Uli Blum & Philipp Siedler

4th May 2018
Brian Clarke: Art Glass & Architecture
For guest tickets contact/entry: Madalina Voicu