Dr. Christian Edwardes, Pathway Leader for Fine Art, Preparation for HE, is exhibiting a collection of his work at Outpost Gallery in Portland alongside artist Louise Atkinson.

The exhibition, named Souvenirs: Migratory Objects, is part of Dorset’s artist led, mulitimedia festival B-Side’s HQ; Outpost. The Gallery space allows artists to experiment and respond to their surroundings, often working with the local communities as a source of inspiration and research.

Edwardes work explores legacies of landscape representation often with reference to tourist artefacts and mass produced souvenirs. Speaking about the exhibition, he explained:

“These works are an attempt to examine the different relationships we form with souvenir-objects. Often these are associated with the yearning for a unique encounter that can never be revisited. But, as material traces they also travel with us: migrating from spaces of the extraordinary to the everyday world of the home. These works became a way of attending to the material qualities of these artefacts, by examining them in the form of museum artefacts, miniature kingdoms, and bits of detritus.”

Souvenirs: Migratory Objects is showing until 5th August.

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