Elegance Fabrication and Locus makes… Arpeggios Create Archipelagos


For the fourth successive year, students from BA (Hons) Architecture will be hosting an exhibition of their work at the Lighthouse, Poole, Dorset from Friday 5 December 2014 – Saturday 17th January 2015.

Informed by a peer reviewed international academic paper written by Channa Vithana and entitled Urbanities Materials and Site makes… Music Architecture Poolefrom the EAAE/ISUF New Urban Configurations Conference hosted by TU Delft, Netherlands, and published in June 2014, MAP is now within a research-based arena alongside works from notable academics worldwide.

Music Architecture Poole [MAP] focuses on the engagement of 40 second year Architecture students and their final year Music School Project, which is based on the site opposite the Lighthouse where the old Seldown School previously existed. The projects engage with urban architecture directly from the environment of Poole, where events and buildings within its marina, maritime, medieval and green park histories and what is current, are informed by and wrought into an integrated architectural project that looks at harmonising and opening up public space with the use of a Music School as a focus of culture & learning that neatly compliments the Lighthouse as a venue of performance.

The Private View is on Thursday 4 December from 6-8pm, please email Channa Vithana on cvithana@aub.ac.uk if you are interested in attending.

Please also email if you would like to visit the exhibition for a personal tour for groups.