For the third year running, Music Architecture Poole [MAP] exhibits the 2013 Music School final design project by Level 5 BA (Hons) Architecture curated by Channa Vithana (Senior lecturer at AUB).

The work is inclusive of acoustics, structural engineering and materials with emphasis on the haptic experience of architecture and local urban context incorporating the cultural significance and technical expertise of Lighthouse, Poole’s Centre for the Arts. The majority of the exhibition is crafted using sustainable means including unused plywood offcuts provided by timber engineering Specialist Shopfitters TEKNE (Poole) and with minimum waste inclusive of installation and removal.

The projects engage with urban architecture directly from the environment of Poole, where events and buildings within its marina, maritime, medieval and green park histories and what is current, are informed by and wrought into an integrated architectural project that looks at harmonising and opening up public space with the use of a Music School as a focus of culture & learning that neatly compliments the Lighthouse as a venue of performance.

The Music School transpired due to the understanding of learning and teaching music through the needs of acoustics in music practice rooms and small-sized auditoria which then inform the internal spaces and generate out into engaging public space that unites disparate activities & people such as motorists, public transport and pedestrians into cohesive, long-term proposals.

The exhibition runs at the Lighthouse, Pooles Centre for the Arts from the 23rd November – 18th January 2014.