Morning Song has been selected for screening at the annual international animation festival Animac 2016.

Animac is the International Film Festival of Animation in Catalonia, and is organised by the Lleida City Council and Generalitat of Catalonia. The festival celebrates the very best of current animated film.

Created in 1996 and throughout his nearly 19 years history, it has become one of the most popular audiovisual events held in Spain, with an important international presence and prestige.

Nowadays Animac is a rigorous, dynamic and welcoming festival continually making efforts to improve, generating new audiences and attracting those who love animation.’ You can read more about the festival on the Animac website.

This year’s theme, Female futures, highlights the remarkable participation of female creators in a key moment. Morning Song has been shortlisted as part of the ‘FEMALE IS FUTURE 2’ section, a special screening created for this edition of the festival.

The festival takes place from 25th – 28th February 2016 in Lleida, Spain.