As part of their final first year project, History & Reality, BA (Hons) Make-up students were involved in the first collaborative project with Bournemouth Film School.

The project was designed to give students a hands-on experience, whilst working alongside the film crew and production team; simulating a fully collaborative project, underpinned by AUB’s ethos of, “turning creativity into careers”.

The film concept Moonlight Sonata, was shot over three days on location, in Fort Purbrook in Portsmouth, allowing Make-up students to complete both historical and casualty design transformations.

The project gave the students a vital opportunity to obtain industrial experience, including time management, film etiquette and working under pressure.

The project was ambitious and bigger than ever attempted previously, with approx. 80+ crew and cast on set each day. The project took meticulous planning and hard work from all professionals involved.

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who was included and we can’t wait to share the final film with you all. However, if you would like to view our behind the scenes footage, click the link below.

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