Lucie Longford graduated from Modelmaking in 2002, and now works as a professional Modelmaker and Visiting Tutor at AUB.

“Recently, I did some costumes for Kate Bush’s ‘Before the Dawn’ launch of her new album and then it was also used in the live show. I was asked to make life jackets to look like they were from the 1950’s. I worked with Robert Allsopp who designed it.

Kate Bush was in a floatation tank for about three days doing the photos.  Then I was asked to make five more jackets exactly the same, so if they needed to do any adjustments with the mics or anything, they could do it. They were actually used for the live show as well, it’s on in the background. So I was absolutely chuffed when I saw it

I’ve also created a costume for Dr Who – this image is from an episode that hasn’t been out yet. I made an orange space suit.

Another project was for a campaign for IKEA, it was for the playing with my friends advert with the bears and the monkeys. I did the Godzilla costume for that; we had about two weeks to make him. He got on set and they painted him a different colour blue!

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I’ve also worked on the Monty Python show, I was asked to make a kangaroo costume to look like toy, almost like if a person was in a toy. So I started off doing a maquette, which was quite small. I got it approved and then we took it to the fittings, so there he is and he was on the show quite a lot, I put him in the tutu, and it was wonderful working on it! 

I also created a bear from the Ant and Dec advert for the Saturday Night Take Give Away. So this bear had to dance. All the joints had to be moveable, very light. So the guy in it was a guy called Tobias Mead, he is a dancer from Britain’s Got Talent. He’s the one that flipped his mask backwards and started dancing backwards.  I was on set for two days, with him just making sure that he was okay and comfortable. With all the lights on it can get quite hard.

Another project was a head for Aladdin at the Birmingham Royal Ballet, they wanted a Chinese Lion. He had two people operating him so he was very very light. They were ballet dancers so they were leaping really high in the air – it was amazing to see with all the fabrics. It was beautiful.

I also had to make a shark eating a man on a boat, for Paul O’Grady. I made a quick maquette with an Action Man so it’s 1/6th scale. I had three days to make it, but I quite like quick turn arounds.”