BA (Hons) Modelmaking graduate, Kate Argles, created a model of the classic Beatrix Potter character Peter Rabbit, for her final project work this year. We caught up with Kate about her work, and what she is up to now.

I wanted to create Peter because I didn’t like the new animation of Peter the Rabbit. I didn’t think it was true to the writer’s original intent of Peter, which had a lot more of a vintage style. I wanted to make a Peter Rabbit that was truer to the original character and I wanted to make more audiences aware of him. Hopefully people will know the new Peter Rabbit character and be interested in finding out more about the older character.

My time at AUB was really nice, it was in a great location with great people and the tutors where lovely. It was like a small family and they were always there to help us, always there to comfort us. One of the tutors was a bit like a mum to us, she was very helpful with our work as well as other things. The workshops were great and there was so much I could use and experiment with, I just loved the facilities.

After I graduated, I interviewed for a medical prosthetics job in Oxford, but I decided it wasn’t a location I wanted to be in so I found a job in architectural model making. It’s a company that does visual displays, advertisements and all sorts of 3D work so it’s great.

That was the good thing about the Modelmaking course at AUB; it prepared you for every type of model making giving you lots of options for your career.