Armoury Modeller, Tom Hughes, who graduated from BA (Hons) Modelmaking in 2015, made the papers this week for the replica Iron Age shield that he created for a museum in Lincoln.

The project was part of Tom’s final year project, when students pursue a design brief from an external client. Tom approached The Collection in Lincoln about any upcoming opportunities.

Staff at The Collection asked him to create a replica of the Witham Shield, a bronze Celtic shield that was discovered in the River Witham in 1826 and currently resides in the British Museum.

Tom used reference material supplied by The Collection, including detailed images of the original shield and academic articles on its construction and original appearance, to create a highly detailed and accurate reconstruction of the shield.

The replica of the shield is designed to allow children to appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship that went into producing the original shield 2,500 years ago, and to examine the difference between the shield as it survives today and how it originally looked.

Tom said: “This was a fantastic project to work on for The Collection. It was really important to get all the little details right, from the proportions to the materials and colours.

“I’ve been making models of armour and weaponry since I graduated last year. I currently work at Pinewood Studios in the armoury department and have already had the opportunity to work on some amazing films.

“I was actually recruited as a result of the AUB New Blades modelmaking show for graduates last year. My boss came to the show and it was the shield that caught his eye initially. It was great to be able to showcase my work in that way.”

Tom’s one piece of advice

“My one piece of advice would be to come on to campus all day, every day as often as you can – even if you have nothing timetabled. The facilities and staff are amazing resources to have and you will miss them when you are gone. I have found that the people who have done well after graduation are the ones who put in the long hours at uni.”