Master of Architecture student, Ece Selimoglu, has designed and produced a wallpaper for local restaurant WestBeach.

Ece designed the wallpaper as part of the Architectural Research Methodologies unit. 

Ece said: “We were asked to produce a wallpaper using iconic images, which would relate to our projects and become a background to our projects. Our work was exhibited last year for the end of the year show. I guess that was when Brett (the general manager in WestBeach) saw the work and they reached out to me via my tutor Willem.

“My project was about juxtaposing the past and the future, where the past was imagined as the earth and the future as the moon. The idea was to bring the memories to the moon to keep them safe for the future generations. The surface of the moon was chosen as the iconic image for the wallpaper. As it is a wallpaper, I  aimed to produce a continuous image. The same image was applied twice in two different colours. The second layer was displaced in order to create an eye catching, 3D effect.

“During our conversations with Brett, I mentioned that the wallpaper was actually produced from the image of the surface of the moon, he said that they saw it as moving image of the waves on the sea, that is why they thought it would be perfect for the WestBeach.”

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