As of the 25th September 2013, the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has granted Arts University Bournemouth’s new Master of Architecture course RIBA Part 2 Candidate Status. The BA(Hons) Architecture founded in 2007 already carries RIBA Part 1 and both courses already hold Architect Registration Boards Part 1 and Part 2 Prescription respectively.

In the report, RIBA acknowledged:

  • “The strong sense of community amongst staff and students that supports the flourishing of individuals”
  • “The way in which the ethos and distinctiveness of the course manifests in practice, particularly in relation to the institutional environment, the interdisciplinary and shared practice and theory with other specialisms”
  • “The way the course addresses emerging modes of practice and prepares students to consider their personal development and working life beyond the course”

Architect Ed Frith, the new course director, is delighted by the news, “the MArch course at AUB is very special – the performative and fabrication methods have already created some remarkable student projects. The first cohort has just graduated and the context of such a collaborative and creative university has great potential for the careers of these and future architecture students. I am looking forward to taking the Course forward and have some exciting days ahead. The course already has ARB Part 2 Prescription and it is very pleasing the RIBA have also confirmed the quality of this small and beautifully formed course.”

The collaborative context for learning has already provoked some outstanding work such as Michael Lane’s final projects, which has been nominated by AUB for the RIBA President’s Silver Medal.

An RIBA Full Visiting Board will visit AUB in October 2014 to consider the MArch for Full Part 2 validation.