The challenge: Making Poole a Dementia Friendly Community and Environment.

Students from BA (Hons) Modelmaking, BA (Hons) Architecture, BA (Hons) Interior Architecture, BA (Hons) Graphic Design and BA (Hons) Fashion worked in cross-course collaborative teams on a 24-hour design challenge.

Each team was asked to provide ideas, concepts, and proposals for design-led solutions that would help Poole become a dementia friendly community and environment. They needed to challenge existing attitudes, stigmas and raise awareness of dementia.

The briefing was delivered by Richard Dimbleby, Chair of Poole Strategic Partnership and Dr Chris McCall GP, Chair of NHS Dorset Commissioning Group.

Georgia Thomas, BA (Hons) Architecture, Level 5 said: “This was a really interesting topic to work on. We started off with lots of facts about the issue – it surprised me that around 20,000 people are living with Dementia in Poole. We’ve chosen to focus on Poole Bus Station, and how this can be regenerated so that it works for people living with dementia.”

Will Clempson, BA (Hons) Graphic Design, Level 5 told us: “I’ve been working on a ten week project, so to produce work with immediate results within 24 hours is really refreshing, and closer to real life. Working with other people from different courses is what it’s all about – we each bring a useful perspective.”

The teams presented their work 24 hours after the initial brief. Team A came first: Matthew Jeffries, Emily Walsh, Gunta Kaupmane, Tom Stewart & Daniel Dymond.

Tom Stewart from BA (Hons) Fine Art and his team created a website dedicated to informing the wider community about dementia through the introduction of safety buttons in shops.

He said “They can be pressed if you spot someone getting anxious, or wandering around – you then get connected to a help centre who can send out help or guide you in what to do.”

Team E came second with their #doyouremember concept.

Thomas Sharp from BA (Hons) Fine Art told us: “We wanted to approach the issue differently, and not focus on people who have dementia. We looked at how to inform and educate the community around people with dementia – building a ‘dementia friendly’ community. I’m going to spend my winnings on coating my latest sculpture!”

This project was supported by Dorset Employability and Skills Board.