MA / BA Costume Graduate Sarah Dicks is Art Director for BBC3 Comedy ‘Fuzzbox’.

Sarah designed all the costumes for the puppets, which were heavily influenced by the teenagers whose voices appear in the show.

Fuzzbox stars a cast of delinquent puppets with the voices of real teenagers. Using recordings with real teenagers who have been thrown out of mainstream school, the show captures the banter, backchat, embarrassment and dreams of kids on the edge.

Sarah said: “The atmosphere on this shoot was incredible, there was this buzz, this excitement that what we were making had real potential. We all absolutely loved what we were creating and this really drove us to keep pushing and pushing to make every shot as great as possible. We all got completely stuck in; I was dressing puppets and the set, doing continuity, clapper loader, starting the audio. I was even an extra- however the fact that particular scene was cut, may reflect my acting skills!”

Fuzzbox will first air on TV on 8th Nov BBC Three at 11.45pm.