Lu Tingting’s exhibition ‘LISA’ at the Bumf gallery the cumulation of a three month stay at Arts University Bournemouth.

Tingting has been working alongside the Fine Art team and students, observing lessons, creating alongside students and experiencing the philosophy of Fine Art at Bournemouth. This international co-operation has been of benefit to all parties, staff and students and we look forward to keeping the friendships forged alive in future collaborations and co-operation.

The exhibition discussed experimental animation, installations, photographs. It presented a unique perspective of communication between people. The signal ‘s transfer of human. (Lu Tingting)
“There are 7 billion people on this planet. A name is not your own anymore. Identities flourish, our sense of self wears thin. The metronome ticks.” – Dominic Shepherd, BA (Hons) Fine Art Senior Lecturer.