Paul Hilton, Course Leader of BA (Hons) Visual Effects Design and Production, visited Soho in early September to catch up with some of the students from the course who have spent the summer working on some of the years biggest movies due for release shortly.

Paul was very proud to see students from the first cohort achieving employment in the industry so far ahead of graduating, and caught up with Fin McRuvie, Corin Pearce and Kyle Mercer. 

Fin McRuvie, who has enjoyed two back-to-back contracts with both Industrial Light & Magic and Framestore, is now coming to the end of his summer employment and is looking forward to returning to Bournemouth for his final year of university.

He said: “It’s been brilliant, I’ve been up here working since May. I’ve learnt so much about the VFX process, especially the attention to detail that is required to final shots at feature film standard.  This is my second summer break in industry since i join the course.”

Fin previously worked for Framestore in the summer of 2016 on Marvel’s Dr Strange, alongside Corin Pearce, who also made the meeting! 

Corin commented: “It’s really made me want to progress as fast as possible. I know exactly what I want to do – VFX supervision”

Leah Darrington and Jenzel Tom Fantolgo, from the same year group, are also currently at Framestore but were unable to make the meeting.