As Preparation for HE courses display latest work, Leanne Atkin from Diploma in Art and Design – Foundation Studies has been awarded ‘Best in show’ for her photographic retrospective exploration of her mothers illness.

Leanne said: “This work was for the body project. I was interested in the science behind the body and mind so I decided to materialise childhood memories of mine relating to my mums illness. I looked at the work of Jo Spence who did self portraits when she had cancer – that sparked the idea.

I shot it in the studio so it was quite theatrical, as they are re-creations of these memories. The darkness symbolises the loneliness I felt at the time.

The image with the salad is probably my favourite, its also the first one I shot. I remember that salad bowl at my aunties house vividly. The words underneath the pictures are direct quotes from my mum – I think she quite liked the project when she saw it.

I’ve been interested in art ever since I was young. In 6th form I found photography and loved it, so the foundation course was perfect. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do the foundation or go straight into the degree, but it’s been such good fun. I like the teachers most. It’s been so free and its open to do whatever you want – I would certainly recommend it!

I wanted to stay at AUB because the facilities are so good. The library is amazing! So I’m staying on to do BA Photography, which I’m really looking forward to.”