Karrott Animation, set up by Animation Alumni Jamie Badminton, Tim O’Sullivan (2002) and Sarah Gomes Harris (2006) have won a BAFTA for their animated Cbeebies series ‘Sarah and Duck’.

The team won ‘Best Pre-School Animation‘  – and thanked the audience by unfolding a huge sketch of Sarah and Duck.

See the team win their award.

The team said – “It’s incredible. We’re elated by the experience!”

Sarah Gomes Harris said: “Sarah and Duck started as characters that we would joke about. I’d listen to music and see them playing out scenes in my head. At the time I was coming up with it, I was working at a shop, and there was a fairground in the background. There was a bench I would always go an sit on, but the fairground had taken it over so I couldn’t find my usual bench –  that became an episode. It’s just things that happen to you. Scarf Lady for instance – she’s all our grandmas.”

Karrot Entertainment now employs 40 people (around 30 of which are AUB Alumni)

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