Lord Foster, Architect, Founder and Chairman, Foster + Partners

Lord Foster has used models as part of the design process since the beginning of his career. From his fascination with Meccano and model aircraft making as a boy, he developed an early interest in architecture and structure; his designs at university and in early practice were all meticulously modelled in balsa wood. Looking back at historical precedents that have provided rich inspiration for his architecture, he will trace the route of several of the practice’s most well-known buildings from the initial ideas and sketches, through a rigorous process of model and mock-up testing, with subsequent revisions to the designs, to the construction and final building. With the advanced techniques of 3D printing, the model making process has started to inform possibilities for design that have been previously unimaginable. Collaboration with a wide group of skilled individuals in the practice has been the key ingredient to achieve the integrated, pioneering, innovative and sustainable architectural solutions that have characterised the work of Norman Foster and the practice that he founded, Foster + Partners, over nearly 5 decades.

Monday 25th April 2016