Jessica Tracey, 2017 BA (Hons) Illustration Graduate, created an animation that received over 245,000 views on Facebook, making it Crohn’s and Colitis UK’s (CCUK) most viewed video of 2017.

Jessica was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease during her first year studying BA (Hons) Illustration at AUB. She decided she wanted to create a short and simple animation that gave an overview of the ways it can impact your life and body.

She aimed to create something that could be shared amongst her friends and family without trying, while explaining what she was going through.

She said: “It’s nice to have people who care for you, but it can be hard to sum up all the things you are experiencing.”

She sent the video to CCUK on a whim – she really just wanted the animation to be used by Crohn’s patients themselves who felt the same way she did. A nice lady named Mary, who works for CCUK, replied and her video was shared on their Facebook and Twitter channels, and went viral!

Jessica is currently volunteering with the Warwickshire Division of CCUK and provides her illustrations where they’re needed. Most areas have their own local team that raise awareness and funds for the charity, while also supporting Crohn’s and Colitis patients in the area.

Further to the success of her video, Jessica is now speaking with CCUK about the possibility of further informational videos.

See more of Jessica’s work on her website.