Final year BA (Hons) Fine Art student Patrycja Pluta has been working with Social Media company, Media Lounge, in a bid to find the importance of likes.

Patrycja’s work opens questions towards the importance of social media and in particular, the importance of the Facebook like. In a Black Mirror-esque style, Patrycja has been working with local social media company Media Lounge who have been using Patrycja’s work as if it were a marketing product, as a way of researching their clients needs.

Patrycja’s work consists of over 400 blue foam Facebook ‘likes’. She was interested in taking the trend of the ‘like’ button into real life scenarios to research the public’s opinion on social media and also developed #feelalike.

Marcus, director of Media Lounge said: “Firstly we wanted to work with Pat because we have found some really talented people from working alongside university students and have some students here on our team.

“In terms of working with this particular project, it was interesting for us to be involved in understanding how the idea of ‘likes’ works outside of the internet and placed within real life situations.

“A lot of businesses tend to focus on what we call ‘vanity matrixes’,  like social audiences and number of likes. So we also thought this would be good for us to understand how important likes are as a form of measuring clients sales.

“This project has helped us with our research and we are really interested to take projects about people to learn from it and turn it into a business model.”

To find out more about Media Lounge visit their website and to find out more about Pat’s project take a look at #feelalike.